Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Can Make My Own!

We recently adopted new kittens from our local shelter and they are in need of a scratching post. I realize that a scratching post for kitties is simply some carpet and wood. I just so happen to have this laying around. I gather up a few 2x4’s for the post and screw them together. I get a few square pieces of plywood for the platforms.  I then screw these to the 2x4's. Building the structure was rather easy but putting carpet on is a different story. It is difficult, but with a sharp knife and a bit of patience it can be properly executed. Carpeting a cat structure will take a little practice but below is the finished result. You can also see the kitties in action HERE on our VLOG!
Since I built this myself I saved about $60-100 or so which is awesome! I am very happy I made our own scratching post. I would also recommend this to anyone if you have the materials laying around. It can save you a bit of money for the amount of time spent making it. I think I will make a few more pieces, maybe a little more elaborate with ramps etc. The best part about making cat toys is they aren’t too picky about how nice it looks.

Thanks for reading.

-Jay Schuerman

Supplies used:

Saw, staples and staple gun, utility knife, tape measure, wood, carpet, hammer and nails



  1. Amazing Job thos e sell for for so much :)

  2. Great job Jay. You even attached a bit rope at the top :) for them to play with. :)