Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Lost Love

Dear Cardio,
You are someone I really dislike but need. You always want to hang out even when I am in a mood and say I don’t want to. You are the friend that always sits there waiting for me. When we hang out it’s for as long as I want whenever I want and you don’t complain. You are the best friend I could ask for and hanging out with you also makes me healthier and sexier. I don’t know anyone else at all that can do that. No matter how badly I treat you, you are always willing to hang out with me.

If you are so good to me, then why do I have so much trouble appreciating you? I don’t deserve someone so nice. I always want to spend as much time as I can with you but I always find reasons to do it later. I am so sorry.  We used to hang out for an hour but now I only spend 30 minutes with you. This is very disrespectful! What did you do to me? I am very sorry and promise to give you the attention you deserve. See you soon and a lot more often!

P.S. Don't tell my wife.

Yours truly

-Jay Schuerman

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vacation Justification!

What happens when we have an event coming up that suggests excessive eating? Examples of this might be something like a Holiday dinner, special occasion, or just going out of town. Here is what happens. Let’s say for example today is the first day of the month and you know that on the 15 of this month you will be going out of town for 1 week. Your trip will consist of eating and relaxing. Your options are this. You can eat really well and exercise for the next two weeks before you leave or you can start slacking right now. Here is the problem that I face when I have a trip coming up. I have an all or nothing mentality. I think, well I will be going out of town and eating without bounds for a week so why not start now. I don’t really know why this thought makes sense but I justify it somehow. For one reason or another I feel it’s a good idea to start my bad habits early. Little do I know that doing this my bad habits will carry beyond my vacation!

The naughty habits and diet slacking all starts with the idea. The idea that whatever I do can be reversed. I know that whatever weight I gain can be lost. The downside of this thinking is when I eat 1000 calories it only takes several minutes. To remove 1000 calories I will spend more than an hour on a treadmill. Eating this 1000 calorie snack is essentially a waste of time. I have started thinking about the cruise and what I will be doing. I am going to enjoy eating whatever I want whenever I want. This sounds wonderful and completely justified. My body starts to think about how fun this will be enjoying excessive eating without exercising. I will be eating very badly for a full week so I should prime the pump and start eating badly now. Right? Justification is the weakness in every healthy plan. I can eat this, because I will work out later. I will work out later, because today I have to things to do. The snowball effect has begun. Justifying why we are allowed to do something naughty can really lead to troublesome outcomes. Now that I have fully justified my bad behavior and made it acceptable to eat badly and skip workouts before a cruise, we go on our cruise.

The cruise is quite simply a week of gluttony. You eat all the time. This is what keeps you busy. Now if I had been good the weeks leading up to the cruise I wouldn’t feel so guilty about what I was doing. Here is the problem when you are on vacation. The guilt that can keep you motivated does not stick around long. It will soon pass and you will be on to eating whatever by the shovel full. This is what happened to me. So I ran with it and ate what I wanted. I didn’t eat excessive volume, more like what I wanted and when. I felt like eating badly in low volume was “better” than eating larger volumes of the same food. When you are on a cruise or vacation etc. it can be very hard to keep focus. I just did the best I could.

The cruise is long over and I am still experiencing the aftershock of “eh why not eat it?” I know this mindset will pass and I will get back to basics slowly. Has this ever happened to you or am I the only one?

Thank you for reading
-Jay Schuerman

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Motivate My Motivation

Why is staying motivated so difficult when it comes to staying healthy? Motivation is hard for me because I like to see quick results and know that what I do now, will benefit me later. Becoming healthy is all about the small steps. Small steps taken by eating better and moving more, will yield a healthier lifestyle. Eating worse and moving less will do the opposite. Imagine for a second that you are in terrible shape. You decide to eat one “healthy” meal and go for one walk. This singular event will not make you healthier unless you continue to live this way. Now, imagine you are an Olympic athlete and you decide to eat one “unhealthy” meal and skip a workout. You will not lose all your progress, unless you continue to live that way. A single action in the opposite direction will not have a dramatic change on your goals or appearance. Consistency is the key along with all the small steps to get there. Having a little contrast on how you are currently living may help you realize how you want to spend the rest of your life. 

Clearly, I am not an Olympic athlete by any stretch of the imagination or extremely unhealthy. My "unhealthy" little steps are starting to takie a toll both on my mind and body. I have been a bit of a slacker on my diet compared to how I was eating. This occasional bad eating is starting to take over. I am starting to feel a bit guilty for my actions when I crave ice cream etc. My awareness is the key to breaking my bad habits and not feeling guilty for being human. I am not perfect but I do stay motivated.

Thank you for reading
-Jay Schuerman

Monday, September 15, 2014

Finally A Weight Update!!

Why is our weight an unspoken conversation? How often have you ever met someone, introduced yourself and then ask them, “How much do you weigh?” This isn’t something we do in our everyday life. We rarely give value to how much a person weighs when we meet them. Then why do we put so much weight on weight? I have never understood the social weight cookie cutter.
 Imagine for one second you are living in space on the ISS (International Space Station) you instantly “weigh” nothing! You can’t step on the scale because you and it simply float around. A scale is absolutely irrelevant in zero gravity. With more gravity like the sun for example I would way nearly 6000#’s*. Let’s say for a minute the ISS has large mirror on it. In space you have a weight of zero but how do you look in the mirror. Do you like what you see, how your clothes fit etc. If I am “overweight” but look and feel good then who cares! Right? Now keep in mind while we are in space weighing zero something does stay constant, what we are made of. This is important.

Pretend your weight is exactly what your Dr. and society say it should be but you don’t feel good. You are weak, tired, soft and don’t like your physique in the mirror. Wow, this really changes things but for some reason it is more acceptable. I bring this up because currently I weigh 215#’s. This is 6 pounds heavier than I was at my lowest weight before I became a diet slacker.  I am not discouraged, fat comes and goes. My Dr. suggested I lose a little more weight to be healthy. What is he basing this on? How I feel? How I look? So I asked and he replied, “We base it on BMI (Body Mass Index).” Well how accurate can that be?  BMI is (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems*. How does this factor in muscle, bone, organs etc.? “Weight” is how much my body weighs but not what it is made of. Imagine if someone has a high BMI due to steel bones but is very “healthy”? Imagine someone extremely “unhealthy” but has a low BMI due to bird bones and never retaining water. Is BMI simply a ratio of weight and height to determine how healthy you are? I should have asked how well the BMI works in space!

Thank you for reading.