Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HIIT It Hard (Day 28)

Where to start. Yesterday I felt like a poop, today I feel a bit less that way but not perfect. I think the source of my mood stems from my body being in a constant state of recovery. I started lifting weights last week, and this week I am back to lifting again. Just like the cardio, my body will become more efficient at recovering. It is just a matter of time, I will feel like my old self again. I want to jump out of bed but my shoulders are a little stiff and prevent abrupt movement first thing in the morning. I know one thing, I will be stretching my shoulders after meal 1. I am out of eggs, bad preparing on my part, so oatmeal is what I am eating. When I finish meal 1 I will be going to Sam's Club to pick up some much needed foods. 
We get to Sam's Club and start shopping for all the food we need. I have a love/hate relationship with Sam's Club. We only buy foods that we eat all of what is purchased. If it's a good deal but we waste half of it because it spoils, then it's better not to buy the bulk. While I am here I will be buying some green tea in bulk. This stuff is great for speeding up your metabolism a little. It isn't a magic drink and I will not replace hard work with tea but every little bit helps. 

When I get back home, it's time for meal 2. I eat chicken breast and bread. I make a little sandwich and shove it in my face.

It is now time to get ready for the gym and I need to eat again. I am not looking forward to going today because I will be doing something a little bit different. I finish eating, then head to the gym. I arrive and head to my corner where I do my core exercises. The first exercise on the list is the ball push, I do this 20 times and it feels great. I repeat 3 more times. Next is the plank, I hold this as long as I can, then count to 20. That way I know I pushed myself. I am finished with the plank, I grab a stability ball and proceed with crunches. I do 20 rest for 20 seconds then do 20 more. I repeat 5 times. That was a little painful and got my blood pumping. Now it's time to go move heavy objects over and over again from point A to B. 

I head over to the flat bench and load some weight on the bar. I lay down, pick the bar off the stand, drop it to my chest then press it back up again. I repeat this 10 times, for 3 sets. I have a little trouble with the weight at first because my anterior delts are tired along with my triceps. With those two muscle groups tired, my chest doesn't get much help picking the bar up. I struggle some, but it felt good. Next I move to an inclined bench, grab a couple heavy dumbbells then I start the incline chest press. I am really digging deep to push these things up. Now that I have dumbbells instead of a bar, each side must do all the work by itself. If my left arm gets tired, my right arm can't help like it can with a bar. I do 3 sets of incline chest press then head over to the cables. Now I will do single arm, standing chest fly. This is so hard, the motion of the exercise is trying to rotate my body while I am trying to do a chest fly. I finish up with my chest exercises then head to cardio. 

Today for cardio I will be introducing an old friend, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is an old favorite I would do, and I also have my advanced clients do. HIIT is a 1 on 1 off type of cardio training, intervals. For example, sprint for :45 seconds rest for :15 seconds or jog for :30 seconds then walk for :30 seconds etc. Everyone is different and has different goals. I have seen many formulas for HIIT but my favorite way is 1 on 1 off intervals. I hop on the treadmill, hit the quick start button and walk at 3.0 for 1 minute. At the 1 minute mark I hit the 6 mph button and jog for 1 minute. After a minute of jogging, I walk for a minute and so on. I repeat this 25 times. I could die right here on this treadmill. I have 11 minutes left and will spend that time walking at 3.5 m.p.h. The last 11 minutes is a cool down and I need to complete my 61 minute session. My heart is in better condition so I have to add a little spice to my cardio in order to get my heart rate up. If you are looking for something new or you want to shake up your cardio, add HIIT to your day. I promise it will make you happy!

I get home from the gym, it's time to eat. I need to cut the grass. A little more cardio never hurt anyone. To cut the grass I have to walk behind a mower and my yard requires about 2 hours of pushing the mower around. I start it up and get to pushing. Mowing grass is a good way to burn a few more calories. I finish cutting the lawn now I can eat again. I make up a chicken veggie meal. This is onions, peppers, broccoli and a splash of olive oil. No spices or anything salty. When I finish making this meal, we all eat it, then I pack up the remaining for tomorrow. 
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  1. I am definitely doing the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    I used to do it with my brother as we ran around the park earlier this year and I completely forgot about it. Thanks for keeping us updated, you truly are an inspiration!

  2. You should try Mrs Dash! All her stuff is salt free and it's really good!

  3. Thank you for sharing this aspect of your life Jay. Not only is it inspiring, but your personality and dedication is so nice to see every day. Perhaps you could do a video about your training background with some tips and explanations about how your choices of meals fuel your weightloss? I'd find that helpful and very interesting. :-)