Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Sickness Diary (Day 11)

I just want to say that I started this daily fitness diary to let everyone know what I am going through to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. I feel that the past couple of days all I have been able to talk about is how sick I am. As I get up this morning I feel 10 times worse than I did yesterday. The sickness has moved to my chest and I feel pretty horrible. Will I ever get back to the gym? It has only been a couple of days, but I feel like I have been out for so much longer.

I am not going to the gym while I am sick but I will eat my meals. It is very difficult with no appetite and I'm having trouble gauging my hunger. Normally I feel hungry all the time, but now I feel yucky. Eating more often while I am sick is very hard. Normally, I watch the clock like a hawk, waiting for the next opportunity to eat. The past few days, I am glad to be on a disciplined eating regimen, otherwise I would barely eat. Eating disciplined is so important for what I am trying to achieve. I can't let a little sickness stand in the way of my goals. I hope to be sick for only a couple days.  I am afraid if I work out too soon I will prolong the cold, then I will be out of the gym for an even longer period of time.

Meal 3 is going to be a nice big smoothie made by Sam. She is such a good smoothie maker, that I always say yes when she asks if I want one. I wish we had our old Vitamix blender. That blender is by far one of my favorite kitchen items on the planet. I think if you lost all your appliances but still had access to power this thing could feed you. When you are in a restaurant or a juice place you will see this thing in the background. The downside of it and reason I don't have one yet is the cost. One day my old friend, you will make me smoothies again. For meal 6 we make fish, rice and veggies. Wow, this is so yummy. I could eat fish everyday of my life. It has to be one of the tastiest things you can have for meal 6/dinner.

I am starting to feel like I have lost all of my momentum. I continue to eat and drink very well but it is like my body has gained back all the fat. I feel the lazy thoughts taking advantage of my situation. I have already had the thought a couple of times today, "You missed a couple days, what is a few more?" I usually plan to have 2 days off a week, so I still feel ok about the missed time. I made a commitment, which I plan to see through, as soon as I feel better. I think listening to my body is very important. As bad as I want to get back, I must stay calm and wait until I can give it everything.

This is meal 6. Fish, olive oil, garlic, parsley, pepper. Wrap, bake, eat, bada bing!

This is the what I enjoyed, watching my wife eat. I didn't even get close enough to smell them, because I would of said, "eh" and ate 12 of them.

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  1. Oh come on Sam, she is testing you with those chocolate covered strawberries!

    I hope you feel better soon Jay!

  2. I hope you all feel better by Monday!
    Here's what my Mom used to tell me about getting sick:
    -3 days coming
    -3 days staying
    -3 days going
    And that is VERY true!
    So you should start to feel better after the 3rd day of feeling sick.
    Anyway-I get the mini-meal thing now. I have made my own list to choose from and just make better choices. I am on board with you and your plan to get back to better health and make it 'how you live'.
    Thank you for being so genuine and sharing your journey.
    There are many of us right there with you!!!

  3. Keep it up Jay! I was sick too this week and skipped 3 days of workouts. It's back to work today though.

    I just recently read something that really struck me, and I plan to use it as my new personal mantra during my new diet and healthy lifestyle:

    "I can eat ANYTHING I want - nothing is off limits. I just choose NOT to eat it."

    You can do this! Don't let being sick for a couple of days hold you back.

  4. Jay u can do it!!! Get back on the workout train!! I will workout if u do? And I am a bit over weight haha but if u do it I will too!! Be our motivator!!!

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  6. I hope you feel better soon Jay!

    Last week I got a cold as well but what made me feel better and actually allowed me to sleep more confortable was a nice workout. I didn't feel like doing any exercise at the beginning but once I got through it I felt so good. Thankfully that cold only lasted a couple of days!

  7. Your body is really getting rid of toxins with this fuel you are feeding it! Great job, you are an inspiration to me!