Thursday, September 19, 2013

S.H.I.T.(Day 16)

Waking up now, 16 days later I feel great. I have more energy and desire to get up and get going. Let me start by saying I am not a morning person at all. I have always preferred the night. To feel good in the morning is a huge achievement. Getting out of bed I notice how tired my body feels. I am So Happy It's Thursday, this means I only have today and Friday before I get 2 days of rest. I am really looking forward to resting this week, my body is looking forward to it more.  My body is not sore, or achy, just tired and not moving very fast. I feel motivated, but my body would like to lay in bed all day. This means today is going to take a little convincing to keep on track and get to the gym. When I feel tired, the path of least resistance is avoid the gym.

Meal 1 is complete and now it is time to hang out with the kids while mommy gets her hair done. We play and I stretch on the floor. I like stretching throughout the day. I am sitting on the floor right now stretching my hamstrings. Stretching at home is the only way I can stretch properly. I feel too rushed at the gym, like I have too much to do in a set amount of time. When I am home, I can take my time and give myself a good stretch.

Mommy gets back and looks stunning as always. I am so happy she had an opportunity to get her hair done.

As soon as I walk into the gym all I can think about is how slow and sluggish I feel. This is going to be a ruff one but I just keep going.  I head over to my corner, and start with my core exercises. I do the plank and feel really strong, but no endurance. The exercise itself feels good, but my body is really not interested. I repeat this 3 times, holding as long as I can. Next I do the quadruped opposite arm leg raise. While doing this I notice my balance is getting better and my endurance has increased. This feels good and on the adduction I hold as long as I can, squeezing and balancing. I really miss my weights. Pumping iron is what I love to do in the gym, so let's give it a little go. I do a lat pull down, low row, and assisted pull ups.  It feels great to be doing resistance training again but I don't want to push it. I need to ease back into it, besides, what's the rush? This is a lifestyle change not a temporary change. I finish with my resistance training and head over to the treadmills.

I look at my normal treadmill and someone is camping on it. I feel like I am being cheated on, but they might of known each other before I came along. I guess I will have to choose a different machine to use today. I select a treadmill and it already feels unfamiliar. I don't know how I will manage, but I must find a way to get in 51 minutes. I hit the quick start, start walking, my laces start flinging up and hitting me in the shin. I don't know why this is so distracting but I must put an end to it. I take the loops of the strings, and stuff them in my shoe. The treadmill stops with 4 minutes on it, "END OF WORKOUT." What! I didn't finish my workout out at 4 minutes? The treadmill didn't sense anyone on it so it stopped. I guess that is what I get for letting it run for a few seconds while I fix my shoes. I push quick start again, it replies "please wait." For what? This machine and I are not getting along very well. We still have a lot more time to spend with each other, so let's sort out our differences. The belt finally moves and I am on my way with a fresh start. Now all I can think about is how the tv is tilted and the treadmill isn't aligned properly. It just isn't my normal machine that I have become so accustomed to using. During this session today, I feel very wore out and watching the minutes slowly tick by is torture. I really want to get off right now. The timer finally reads 45 minutes, I think about the 4 minutes I lost earlier and want to jump off early. Then I realize, what if I was messing with my shoe for longer than a few seconds. I will go all the way to 51, worst case I get 4 extra minutes. The timer reads 51 minutes, get me out of here. I leave and go to Sam's club before home.

I get to Sam's club and slowly walk in, wearing my sweaty gym clothes. The person at the front door probably thinks I ran here. While walking around all I can think about is eating and leaving. Those two thoughts are like a broken record in my mind. Eat, leave, eat, leave and so on. I grab a few things extra items because they just look yummy. Then I pass a person offering samples of great food.  I say, "no thank you." My mouth says no, but my body says yes please. I think the person could tell I really wanted a free sample. I mean, who turns down a free sample of yummy food? Oh well, I'm finished here, time to go home.

I'm home, get the car unloaded very quick, then my beautiful wife with her new hair color makes me the best meal 6/salad with rotisserie chicken I have ever eaten. Thank you babe, I love you.

Thanks for reading


  1. Oh I know how you feel someone ninja'ing your machine and the unfamiliar one just doesn't work your way I went on one unfamiliar.... BTW Jay good job on what your doing :)

  2. Haha I love reading your blogs Jay. You are an awesome writer. There is a stair stepper that is my friend because its located right under the AC so when people beat me to it I feel very annoyed

  3. I love the way you write!
    Keep it up with the good gymwork! You're doing so good!

  4. i love the way you write too! go jay go!

  5. Damnit Jay - you are encouraging me to go to the gym today! Still laughing at the cheating treadmill!! my hubby beat high blood pressure and diabetes by going to gym faithfully..... just keep going, it's worth it!

  6. You should have politely asked that person to get off of your treadmill. lol jk Keep up the good work!!!

  7. Love your determination! So inspiring, love how you've made this into your lifestyle.. Can't wait to see what the difference is in a month!!