Friday, September 20, 2013

Shave My What? (Day 17)

Today starts off with a desire to replace my phone. My iPhone that I currently have is shattered on both sides. I have replaced the camera, battery, and it just stopped making calls. I can't hear anyone and they can't hear me. I think it is time to get a new phone/pocket computer. The iPhone 5S is released today so maybe I will go to the store after I finish my meal 1. If I get there when they open, I have a better chance of getting one. We do live in a small town and it is a new iPhone so I need to get there early.

When I get there a couple minutes after they open, they are already busy. Great, I drive all the way down here and will leave without a new phone. I go inside, let them know what I am looking to do. The person goes in back, and comes out with a new iPhone. I am told that this is one of of the last two remaining. That's a relief, I really don't want to come here again to get a silly phone. We finish up and I head back home.

Back home, Sam and I talk about how nice this weather is. We should go for a walk. We grab a loaf of bread and head to a great place with ducks and geese. When we arrive, it seems the ducks know we have bread and they want it. Watching kids feed bread to ducks is one of the cutest things in the world. We finish feeding the ducks, then take a nice long walk around the lake. While we are on our walk my meal time arrives. I brought some Kind snack bars with me. I am glad I brought them otherwise I would miss a meal. I always bring some sort of food with me when I leave. Especially if I know a meal time will arrive while I am gone.  After our walk we head back home, I have to meet with our insurance adjuster as a result of that hail storm.

I eat meal 3 when we get back. Now I wait for the insurance person. They won't be here for another hour. An hour goes by, they call and say another hour or so. I hate when you are given a window of time that someone will show up. We finish looking over our hail damage on the house etc, now another 45 minutes in their car doing paperwork. I have no choice but to wait and eat. Finally finished and it is well over dinner/meal 6 time. This really took a long time. If I go to the gym now I won't be back until bedtime for the kids. I will not do that. I guess I have to chalk this one down for a lost day. This happens sometimes and I don't worry about it too much, otherwise I will constantly be playing catch up. I have rules with meals and working out. If I miss either one, I don't make it up, I just keep going. Well today I missed a work out. I am aware that I could have gone this morning and so on but I was unaware this would take so long. I know what I could have done, all I care about is what needs to be done. I will enjoy my weekend off, resting my body. 

Since I am not going to the gym, I finish meal 6 then take a shower. In the shower I decide to do something I used to do all the time. I shave my arms. I like the way my arms look when they are shaved. During my days as a personal trainer and body builder, I always shaved them. It feels good to want to have them this way again. I also stay motivated to get lean when I see my veins bulging out. I really get motivated when I grab for something or when I tie my shoes and see veins in my arms. If you have ever wondered how your arms would look shaved, just do it. I love it and the reason bodybuilders etc do it, is because it looks awesome. Instead of working on my muscles today, I decide to shave them.

Thanks for reading


  1. I shave my arms too but not because of the reason you stated...I just don't like hairy arms... lol!

  2. One of my four sisters used to shave her arms (she was mega hairy with black hair) and the hair came back even thicker...haha. She now used Nair which makes the hairs look less coarse when they come back as stubble.
    Please get an Otter box for your phones (yours and Sams). Yes, they are a bit bulky, but I promise you that it is well worth it. I have dropped my phone hundreds of times and not one scratch or crack on it. It even fits into my front pocket without any problems.

  3. You can totally tell the difference when you shave your arms. You're looking good Jay. Keep up the good work!

    1. And it looks awesome! LOL thank you :)

  4. you can tell the difference how much you lost.
    keep going. you def my motivation..

    greetings from germany,