Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ready To Go Back(Day 19)

I slept terrible last night. It has to do with how I ate yesterday, but it was totally worth it. I am ready to get up and get back to my disciplined eating again. Cheat days are great but I can really feel a difference. I eat healthy and sleep good, I eat terrible and sleep the same. Time to get out of bed and eat meal 1. I scramble up some egg whites, make 2 slices of toast and fill up my Nalgene water bottle. I'm not very hungry this morning, probably due to eating what I wanted yesterday.

I will not be going to the gym today, Saturday and Sunday are always my days off. I will be back at it tomorrow but today I plan to do a little stretching. When I stretch at home, I just stretch my body all day. In the shower, while watching tv, during meals etc. Right now I am stretching my hamstrings while I watch the kids play with this collapsable tunnel that my daughter got for her birthday. Sam dares me to crawl through it. Why not, I have been exercising I can crawl to the other side of a kids tunnel. Lucky for me, I have been doing the plank and my mid section is a lot stronger. I am able to keep myself up, then I push inch by inch. If I had not been doing the plank, I think I would of taken a break in the middle of the tube. Exercising is paying off already!

Time for meal 3, I will eat the chicken I prepared yesterday along with some rice and a splash of hot sauce. This meal repeats itself often throughout my diet. Sometimes, I will change out the rice with sweet potato, or whole wheat pasta etc. I feel hungry by the time I can eat this meal, I want to eat 10 more portions. Unfortunately, what I have allocated is all I get. Now I watch the clock and wait until the next meal.

We have a bunch of veggies that need to be eaten before they go off.  My favorite way to eat veggies is mixed up, so I make a sort of medley. This will consist of onion, garlic, egg plant, zucchini, carrot, red peppers, orange peppers, yellow peppers, celery, chives and kale. I am cutting everything up and putting them in based on cooking time. Somethings cook longer, so they go in first. I finish cooking just in time for meal 6/dinner. Sam has it for dinner and I have it with my chicken.

Thanks for reading


  1. Jay those veggies look so yummy! I finally am home after being on vacation for 3 weeks. You have been inspiring me to get on my paleo diet again. Maybe I'll post a weight loss journey on my blog as well. I just have a hard time keeping up with the blogs. Not as good about it as you and Sam are. I'll keep you posted with how I do tho. Thanks for sharing with us and being an inspiration for us all. It's not an easy road. I love your honesty about the struggle. Keep up the great work!

    <3 Anna.

    Lilts party was super cute btw. Loved her cute cupcake ice cream cake!!

  2. Lily's **. Sorry I dunno why it autocorrected to Lilts lol