Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pretty Good (Day 21)

 It has been 3 weeks since I started my journey. I still have ups and down but being consistent is key. This morning I feel pretty good. Yesterday I didn't feel so good, but pulled through it. Today should be a little easier. I got back into my routine and feel better. I slept great and feel ready to go. I am a little sore from the shoulder routine I did yesterday, but nothing I can't handle. I didn't push it too hard yesterday but I know in another day I will start to feel it more. I want to get this day going. I start off with food in my belly.

The day is progressing ok, but I'm starting to fade a little bit. The only thought on my mind now is "weekend please hurry here!" I don't really have a reason to rest yet, I have only been back a day. The thought still spins in my mind reminding me of how long I have to wait to be lazy. I am so amazed at how often my body throws little digs in, trying to get me back to my old ways. It seems that I have an internal battle going on. I need to constantly tell myself, "get up and do it."

It is time to head to the gym. I still don't feel very motivated but I get up and head out. I know that the gym will make me feel better than I do now.

I get to the gym, plan in hand and get started. I start off with plank, side raises then ball pushes. I repeat this 4 times. The plank went great, but the side raises hurt pretty bad. I could feel my obliques and hips burning pretty bad. This will require more work and repetition. I am finished with my corner work outs, time for resistance training.  Today I will do my chest muscles. I like to split up my routine into body groups and today is chest day. I start off with bench press and do 3 sets. The first set felt strong. I think I should add a little more weight. I do the second set, have no problems except I am feeling muscle fatigue already. I keep the weight, do the third set and it is a little bit of a struggle. The weight feels good, I am suffering from tired muscles. Now to grab dumbbells and do 3 sets of incline press. My muscles are already tired from the flat bar bench press. I don't know how well I will do on this. I grab lighter weights to maintain form. My chest muscles are on fire and it feels great. I do 3 sets at this lighter weight, slow and controlled. I finish this, I go over to the cable machine. I grab a handle, put it about chest high then do single arm, standing chest fly. This is brutal! It makes you work your core, by fighting the rotation against the fly movement. What a great workout. I repeat this 3 times for each side. Now that I have finished. It is time for my least favorite thing, cardio.

The treadmill is available so I make my way over to it. I stretch my legs before I start. I am not looking forward to this 60 minute session.  I finish stretching my legs,  hit the quick start button. As soon as I hit that button, a sigh comes out. "60 minutes!" I am going to be here forever. The time is actually going by at a nice pace. The 30 minute mark comes and goes,  I am half way home! The 60 minute mark hits, that was actually easier than yesterday. To think I thought 51 minutes was hard. The music was good, legs felt good, everything went smoothly.  I finish up and head home.

When I get home, I just want to eat. While I am eating, I can't help but think about the photos I will be taking tomorrow. I hope that I am able to see results. Like I have said before, I don't care too much about the scale. I want to see results in the mirror. I am excited and nervous about tomorrow's photo comparison. I hope I look different than I did last week. I sure feel different!

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  1. Jay you are such an inspiration! Reading your blog really motivates me to continue to fight for that goal :) Like you cardio is my least favorite thing lol
    I work out at home so I just go for a walk and then run for about an hour. Later, I go back home, get on youtube and start my workout!
    Thank God for YouTube!!!

    1. I am glad I'm not alone with my hatred of cardio. Keep up the good work!

  2. Keep it up Jay!! It's great you don't give up to the "lazy" voice (not that you are) I have to get my lazy azz in gear and get going on my own workout routine!! Well Done!!

  3. Seems when you get closer to 30 all your energy evaporates! Would you say keeping track of it blogging with pics & updates publicly helps or harbors your journey?

  4. Melanie Hewitson9/25/13, 2:09 PM

    You are a real inspiration to all - cant wait to see your pics - the first ones have been amazing!!!!! - Good for you, Im trying to lose weight, but geez, it sucks!!!!! :-)

  5. Keep up the great work u look amazing and can totally relate to u with the whole treadmill thing