Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Shoes(Day 23)

I don't want to get out of bed today. I am very sore from the weight training I started this week. My shoulders are sore to the point I can't really pick up my arms. My chest is sore making it hard to push myself out of bed. My back hurts, not traditional back pain, this is good. I'm having the best morning with my muscle soreness. When I am sore, I know I made my muscles work hard. I can't wait to get to the gym today so I can work my arms too.

I get out of bed and eat my first meal. I eat meal 1, then get ready to leave the house. We have a few errands to run. Before we go I pack a sandwich. I know we will be gone for a while and meal time will arrive while we are out.  I am in need of new shoes badly. The shoes I own now are a bit tired and ready for retirement. They are Skechers and I have owned them forever. They have lasted so well. I think I will keep them around to cut the grass, but they will no longer go with me to the gym. We go to J.C. Penney in hopes to find a good deal on a nice pair of shoes. I look around a little trying to find a pair to try on. They don't carry many sizes? I asked the person working and each time he said "sorry we don't have it in that size/color." I hope I can find a pair of shoes here? I try a pair of New Balance, they have my size and the fit is nice. I buy them then we head home.

We get home, I eat my next meal then get ready for the gym. Today is going to be biceps and triceps. This makes me nervous because my arms already hurt. Pain comes with a fitness lifestyle, so be it. I head to the gym. 

Great, it's raining and cold while I walk into the gym. Not motivating at all, now I am cold and wet. I get inside and head to my corner. Funny how after 3 weeks I already have my own corner and treadmill. What a great gym! I start off with a plank, hold it until I want to collapse then I count to 20 very slow. When I finish counting I collapse, wait 30 seconds, and repeat this 3 times. Next I do 3 sets of quadruped opposite arm and leg raise. This feels good and my balance is much better than it was a few weeks ago. I don't feel as wobbly as I did the first time doing this exercise. I finish up, then head to the weights. 

I grab some dumbbells to do 3 sets of curls. My biceps are still in pain from yesterday's back routine. I know I can't stop even though I really want to. I must keep going.  I do 3 sets of curls. Now thats completed I think to myself, "you should run the rack." This is not fun at all. It is a series of drop sets down to empty hands at 5 pound increments. I repeat the run the rack series 3 times. What a bitter sweet idea that was. I complete this and my arms feel like softballs. When I had advanced clients do this routine, I would hand them a piece of gum. If they could put it in their mouth easily we would run the rack again. I can't touch my nose, my biceps are toast. I love it when I do a bicep routine and it leaves me unable to touch my face. Some call it torture and I too call it torture but I know they got a good work out.  Now I have to do my triceps. No sense in having big biceps, with weak sauce triceps. At this point I am starting to feel fatigued. I need to do more weights, and still have to do my cardio. Now I must dig deep to press on. I start with skull crushers for 3 sets. They feel like rubber bands in my arms going PLINK each time I do a rep. This is going to be tuff, plus I am starting to feel tired. Next, I grab a rubber end rope and work on 3 sets of pull downs. This burns so bad I could cry a little. The last set I drop the weight to near nothing then change my tempo to 3-1-3. This tempo made the weight feel like a million pounds. I am finished for now, off to the treadmill. 

I make my way to the treadmill ready to break in my new shoes by walking on a treadmill for 61 minutes. I grab my iPhone to change the music and it shows 6% battery. Really? I need to charge my phone before I come here because it will probably die during this session. I hit the quick start on the treadmill and get my 61 minute session started. The music is rocking, my legs feel a little sore, my feet feel great. 20 minutes into this session and my battery dies. Bam, just like that with no warning at all. I guess it would be weird if your phone interrupted you right before the battery is exhausted, "IM GOING TO DIE!" While on a treadmill walking  I need stimulation. I am unable to walk for 40 more minutes without music or tv because this treadmill has no sound and I have no music. I must move from my favorite machine to another. I hop off my machine and go to another. Separation anxiety sets in and I compare this machine to my machine. This new machine is wobbly, crooked, and not as smooth. I already miss my treadmill. Now to get the mental stimulation I need finish the remaining 41 minutes.  I plug my headphones in and start watching Hells Kitchen. I am surprised that I actually enjoy watching tv over music. I am able to get caught up in the show instead of thinking "this song is good/this song sucks." The final 41 minutes on this machine is sailing by with one exception. I am unable to maintain my THR with previous methods. I have to increase the speed to 3.7 from 3.5 and increase the incline to 4.5%. I also remind myself constantly to stop holding on. It is more difficult to walk with your hands to your side. All of these small changes gets my THR back where I want it. At this rate I will be jogging soon to maintain the same level of work I am currently achieving.

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  1. This is my first time seeing your blog. I follow your daily vlog though. I just wanted to comment and say I totally understand the tv/music thing. I used to listen to music while I was on the treadmill but it didn't seem to distract me. I started catching up on youtube videos during my hour walk. WAY better. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job jay! It Will be worth it!

  3. Motivated! Thank you for sharing your journey! It helps to get the negative thoughts of someone else bc you also see how they overcome it :) Something you might want to check out, starting oct 1, is shay carls weight loss vids. I'm excited for those too :) keep up the good work!

  4. Would it be possible for you to share step by step pictures of the exercises you do? Maybe Sam could take them for you at home?