Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leg Stilts (Day 25)

My legs hurt something fierce. That is the first thought I have when I wake up. My legs hurt all night. What a terrible night sleep. This is why I hate leg day, all those muscles screaming all night. Complaining about how much it hurts. Good news is they will hurt even more tonight when DOMS kicks in. My morning starts off slow, and walking is overrated at the moment.

I eat my meal for the morning. I am ready for my cheat day. I will have to wait until tomorrow. I get out some chicken so I can prepare my meals for the day. I have no idea what direction I want to go with this chicken. All I know is I want it to be healthy and absent of salt. I cut up some onion, lemon, crush a little garlic, seasonings and bake it up. Next I prepare some rice. When it is finished I am a little nervous it will taste bad. The good thing is while eating clean and disciplined, everything tastes good. So my sense of yummy is distorted. I make a portion and it tastes really good. I eat then portion out the remaining for later.

The weather is very nice today and a walk is a great idea. Before we go, I make myself a pb&j sandwich. I know my meal time will come along while we are out. Eating every two hours I am destined to eat while I am away from the house. We load up the kids, get their car and bike in the van, then head to the park. It is a perfect day for a walk all except my legs feel like they are made of lead. We start walking and part of the way into the walk I have to ask Sam, "are we walking fast?" She tells me, "yes, why?" Well, I can't feel my legs. It's as if I am walking on stilts. This sore, tight, miserable feeling tells me I did a great job yesterday. Hat's off to a successful leg day. Tomorrow is cheat day and I couldn't be more ready to stuff my face!

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  1. Jay! Can you make a video on the things you eat!!!???

  2. Jay-quick tip I learned, you can cook your chicken in the crockpot without adding anything, itll cook in its own juices-but no more than 4hours! So that way its extra juicy & just shreds- and you could do something different with your chicken each day :) Have you tried going up to your local GNC maybe for a 100% Whey drink for after you work out?? 25g of extra protein a day! you are doing awesome!