Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Little Mascot (Day 7)

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I still don't feel too sore or achy, but hunger is on the top of my mind. Since I started back in the gym and eating healthier, I have been sleeping so much better. I have a bit of a headache and it lingered for a better part of the day. I like to think it is from this diet and exercise, or I just have an unannounced headache that wants to make friends with me for the day. I fill up my trusty Nalgene bottle, guzzle it down in a hurry. I am finished drinking down my water bottle, then fill it right back up again. If I don't have a full water bottle within arms reach I will not drink enough water for the day. This is a rule that I made years ago, and the same goes for junk food. If it's in arms reach, I will eat it.

It is early morning and I want to spend some time with my family on a nice cool morning walk. We go to our favorite walking spot, the air is cool and the breeze is perfect. If I could keep a steady pace it will count as cardio. I would like to do my cardio outside, the only catch is what would I do on a rainy, snowy, hot or just plain blah day. I would probably find a reason not to do it, or just continue using cardio equipment at the gym. Cardio equipment has a a timer which helps me stay on schedule, 45 minutes on a treadmill, done. I think if I were to walk outside, I would see too many shiny things and become sidetracked.  We have been walking for about an hour and this is great because technically it can count as cardio. We have a good pace, the trail has little hills etc. My mind is thinking of a way to get out of doing cardio at the gym. "Remember that nice walk you had today, you don't need to get on that mean treadmill."

We get back home and I am starving! Right now all I can think about is eating. I feel like all I ever think about is eating. I am not starving literally, but when you change from eating what you want to eating very disciplined, it can seem painful. I eat my meal 4 and get ready to go to the gym. Before I go, my daughter hands me a cute, big eyed, red, little frog. I have to take it with me as my mascot for the day and return it to her when I finish. I kiss the family, put the little red froggy in my pocket, off to the gym I go.

As I walk in I am still thinking about that "cardio" I had during my morning walk. I really dislike doing cardio and any possibility I can avoid doing it, I will. Cardio is something I have never liked to do, but it must be done. I get inside and decide right then and there, "sorry buddy, but you are on that treadmill for 45 minutes today." I make my way over to the stability balls and start with my exercises. The plank went well today, slightly shaky but nothing like the first day. Next, I do pushups with my feet on a stability ball. I get my 3 sets in, they are going pretty well except for that the last set. I barely got 13, I don't get frustrated, the gym is the only place where failure is a good thing. Now it is time for some ball squats. I'm holding the stability ball out in front of me and do 15 squats, nice and slow. Time for crunches on a stability ball. My abs feel like they have been sliced, they are so sore. I really found the sorest area on my body. I stretch them for a little while, then proceed. That is all my exercises for the day, off to fulfill my deal. Cardio.

I make my way over to the treadmills. I like to pick a different one each time. I do this when I start  a new gym, It helps me find my soulmate equipment. This may sound crazy, but when you spend enough time on cardio equipment, you find its flaws or things that you really like. I find myself thinking this one shakes too much, or that one is so noisy and uncomfortable. Before I start, I reach into my pocket, pull out a cute little frog, then place it right in front of me. It will stare me down to help me get through this. The funny thing about this silly little frog is it has eyes that look right up at you, and a smile that oddly helps me stay positive. I am watching the timer on the treadmill and it says 17 minutes complete, I start thinking to myself that I just want to get off and go home. After looking at the timer, I look a little lower and their is that little red frog, staring at me with a smile. I felt like I could hear him telling me I was doing a good job, keep going, and other things a frog might say to a sweaty grown man doing cardio. Oddly though, this little character made me feel better.

I have finally reached the 30 minute mark and this is my home stretch. The 40 comes along, I am still doing good until my mind decides to have a great idea. "Why don't you go to 46 minutes?" Really? Why would I want to go a minute longer on this thing. I hate that last minute more than anything! Now I must prolong the agony, stretch out this pain further. I planned on doing 45 minutes and that is what I plan on doing! Unfortunately, I have another rule in the gym, it goes like this. If I think I can do it, I have to do it. What this means is, if I am in the middle of doing pushups and plan on doing 12, but I think I can do 15, I do 15.  In this case I plan on doing 45 minutes and think I can do 46. So guess what? I will be doing 46 minutes total, that means an extra minute has been added to my cardio. Why me? I watch the timer get close to 45 and feel so disappointed, this extra minute is really causing me undo stress. Ten seconds into my new minute, I think how I could be off of this already. Timer hits the 30 second mark and I think how I could already be walking towards the door out of here. The timer finally hits 46 minutes. What a relief, I did it!  That last minute ruined my whole schedule, and now I am a minute behind in life. I grab my little frog, see his smile and realize I am not behind, I am ahead a minute in cardio. I am that much further towards my goal, a minute at a time. I gather my things and head home to eat.

When I get home I return the little red frog to my daughter. I just might take that little frog with me everyday. I don't know if I could have gone that last minute without such a cute little smile looking up at me.

Thank you for reading.


  1. You're doing so well! Good job!

  2. You're doing great ! :)
    Keep going !

  3. Love this blog post! The frog is adorable and I can see why it motivated you. We're all in it together, supporting one another. Great job, Jay!

  4. OMG! So cute, that frog. I can see how it helped you. Go Jay go! :)

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  6. I really enjoy the blog, Jay... You are doing so well. I am right there with you, starting a fitness routine last week. My hubby and I are walking every evening for 45min. I am using My Fitness Pal to stay on point with my diet. The hardest thing for me, and I mean HARDEST, is going to bed hungry. I so desperately want something sweet before bed. When I don't give in, I feel accomplished in the morning.

  7. Keep up the GREAT work Jay!! You are an inspiration!

  8. Keep up the GREAT work Jay!! You are an inspiration!

  9. Great job Jay, keep up that awesome work! I can totally relate to that frog. My daughter gives me things to take to work all the time, it definitely gets me through the day knowing that she gave it to me. :)