Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Think I Can (Day 12)

I think I have finally kicked this illness to the curb. I don't think it is gone 100% today, but I am starting to feel a little more lively. I think I will skip the gym again today though. Waking up this morning is much easier than yesterday, I don't feel quite so terrible.

I get out of bed and plan to make the best of this day. Meal 1 is being forced down my throat. I absolutely hate eating first thing in the morning. Although, after meal 1, I find myself feeling somewhat hungry. This is such a good sign. When I am sick, hunger is a sensation I no longer feel. When I am sick, I eat, then don't really care when I eat again. When I feel "normal" and eating every 2-3 hours and drinking lots of water, it feels like I am starving all day. Just to feel hungry again is such a great sign. 

Walmart is on the agenda today and it amazes me how a store can be a destination. We have to get some groceries and look at Halloween costumes for the kids. Walking around Walmart is making me very upset right now. I am happy to feel hungry again, but not while I am walking around all this amazing food. Everything looks good to me here. I feel like I came from an undeveloped region of the world and this is my first time seeing such a wonder. I walk around in awe looking at Oreo cookies, Doritos, Powerade Zero, salsa, ice cream. Everything in the store looks extra amazing to me. It would appear that I have my appetite back. I did end up getting a couple of those Powerade Zero's. I must say, I don't know what is in it, but I do know it has no calories and tastes absolutely amazing. I am so happy that I bought this and might have found my guilty pleasure. If you are on a disciplined eating plan, may I recommend one?

We stop at Subway to get something to eat before we get home. I order a footlong, flatbread, turkey, spinach, cucumber, green pepper, mustard. That is it, no cheese or mayo. Two of my favorite things to put on a sandwich. I eat half and save the other half for my next meal. We head home. 

When we get home and are all unpacked and settled I start preparing my meals for tomorrow. I have found in the past, when dieting, preparation is key. Preparing for me is anything like filling my water bottle before I leave the house or packing a sandwich, knowing a meal time is near but I won't be home. I get some easy ingredients and throw them in a pan. Chicken breast cut into chunks with onion, fresh garlic, and peppers. I cook that for a bit with the lid on, then I throw in some broccoli and minute rice. Now I have at least 4-5 meals for tomorrow. I am so glad I did this, now I can eat some good food tomorrow and still be disciplined.

I hope to get back into the gym tomorrow. I plan to go, but time will tell. I must be healthy to get healthy. 

Here is my prepared chicken meal/s

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  1. What type of workout do you suggest for women? I have some baby weight id like gone! Tia you look great

  2. Very glad y'all are starting to feel better:) Big hugs from Texas!