Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy chEAT Day! (Day 18)

First thought when I wake up, "what do I want to eat?" 
Today will be my cheat day, usually it's on Sunday but today is my daughters birthday party. Part of my eating today will be cake. I have been looking forward to a cheat day and today will be perfect. During my cheat day, I still eat every couple hours and drink plenty of water. The difference, I can eat as much of whatever I want. I try to focus on eating things I have been craving. This way I reward myself for being so disciplined the other 6 days of the week.  The key here is to cheat, have fun and eat whatever I want.

First thing is Meal 1 and it is the same as I always have, I just add extra butter to the toast along with jelly, turkey to the eggs and a nice big cup of coffee. The jelly is amazing, this is going to be an epic cheat day. Now to help Sam prepare our house for the birthday party.

My next meal is oatmeal, I just love this oatmeal. I think it is the best tasting stuff on earth. I need to cut the grass. I guess no matter how hard I try, I will do some sort of exercise today. I get outside, grab my 21" push mower and off I go. I  keep a good pace, if the grass must be cut, I should get some exercise from it. All the cardio I have been doing makes cutting the grass easier. I am able to keep a strong steady pace the entire time with out slowing down. Amazing, walking on a treadmill for 51 minutes, 5 days a week made my lawn cutting ability improve. I finish cutting my grass, which takes about an hour of steady pushing a mower. This is cardio I didn't plan for today, but I will take it.

Sam is an amazing party planner, she has so many ideas and great decorations. This is going to be such a cute party. The party starts and we have all kinds of great food, company and the kids are all having so much fun. I plan to eat my heart out. Meal 3, where to start? I think I will start at the croissant covered weenies, move to the pizza, with a side of chicken nuggets dipped in Ranch dressing. I think next will be a handful of cupcakes and a pink paper cup full of pink lemonade. Now that the first course is complete, let's dive into this ice cream cake. I cut it for everyone it is only fair to eat my fair share. The ice cream cake is a cookies and cream cake in the shape of a cupcake. I help myself, two pieces will do. I think I will have another cupcake, why not? I have no idea how many chicken nuggets, pizza slices, incredible little cupcakes and candy I ate. A Minnie Mouse head full of candy, don't mind if I do. I find a few pieces of candy and stuff those in my face. I don't care, it's a cheat day. One day a week, 4 days a month being a piggy will not hurt my progress. In the past it has always helped me stay on course. Otherwise, I would just give up and have a guilty cheat day. This way I am in control and give myself a cheat day.

The party is over, everyone has left. It has been close to 2 hours since I last ate like a king. I am hungry again. I find more oatmeal and devour a nice bowl of this amazing stuff. During the week I want to eat it all day, today I will.

I ate everything I wanted to eat today, but I must say something, I feel terrible. Every time I have ever had a cheat day, I eat everything I want and always feel lousy afterwards. I don't feel guilty, or upset I let myself go. This is an intentional day, I plan to eat everything in sight. What I am talking about is the foods I put in my body today make my stomach feel very ill compared to what I eat during the week. During the week I feel light, healthy and energetic. Now I feel like a salty, sweaty, bloated mess. I prefer to feel healthy, until next cheat day.

Thanks for reading


  1. Sam really is a great party planner! Everything looked beautiful!!!!

    I know exactly the way you feel Jay.
    Today is my cheat day and so far I feel like crap!!! lol
    I already want to just workout hahahaha but I only do this once a week so it's ok. I'm gonna go have a slice of cheesecake now! :)

    1. It's so worth it! Cheesecake sounds awesome, I would eat two slices! :)

  2. Your face looks a lot thinner in the family picture from Lily's party! Keep up the good work Jay :) You gotta have cheat days or else you will go crazy, at least I would LOL

  3. that cake looks delish!!! Another person i follow only allows herself a cheat meal instead of a day.. just so you dont feel so lousy after a whole day of semi-bad eating.

    Your doing such a great job!!! Keep it up :)

  4. I know the feeling! Today was my cheat day and all I was craving was chocolate chip cookies,lucky charms cereal, and a pumpkin spiced latte! Think I ate the cereal most of the day lol! Thank goodness for cheat days! Tomorrow it's back to the grind :)

  5. Cheat days- I gotta have them or I go nuts. On another note Jay, I think you are just a fabulous husband and father. It's so good to see men who are committed to their family and involved!!! I should know because I am lucky like Sam and have a great husband who is also a great Dad.