Friday, September 13, 2013

Family Before Fitness (Day 9)

Morning has come, on a very exciting day. I can't wait to get out of bed and tell my little girl Happy Birthday! Today is my daughter's 1 year birthday, I can't believe this day has come so soon. I find that when you have children time goes very quick and they show it with how old they are. Today marks one year passed already and it seems like just yesterday she was born and the day before that we had our son. I am just beside myself thinking about how fast that time went by. A nurse told us before we had, my son, "Pick them up as much as you can, because one day you won't be able to."

I prepare my 1st meal of the day, egg whites and wheat toast. I am ready to eat disciplined and go to the gym today. Yesterday, all I did was my cardio, so today I am ready to go. While eating my breakfast, Sam suggests that I make today my cheat day, then make it up on Sunday. I think right away I want everyday to be a cheat day but that life has unwanted results.  I am a little nervous about rearranging my schedule so soon, I run a risk of not going to the gym on Sunday. Sunday has always been my cheat day, it will feel strange going to the gym. Another downside to making today my "Sunday" cheat day, I will have 6 days in a row after this Saturday until my next day off. Today is my daughters birthday, and I will eat cake. I don't feel guilty for changing my schedule around, some moments are just more important. I don't want to remember her first birthday as the birthday I didn't eat a little cake.

I really don't like having a "cheat/off" day in the middle of the week because it really throws things off. I will rarely skip, or change my routine but this is worth it. What makes cheat days in the middle of the week hard is tomorrow I go to the gym, off on saturday, then start my whole routine Sunday forward until the following Saturday. That will be a long week.

She opens her presents, then we play with toys all day. I think this is the best part of having a birthday as a kid, getting to play with your toys. My final meal of the day comes along, it will be homemade macaroni and cheese. Next we have what I have been waiting for all day, the homemade cake. I take an aggressive fork full of this stuff and smash it into my face. This cake is so moist it just fluffed in my mouth. The frosting was so creamy and delicious. Having a cheat day today is worth it, I am thankful Sam suggested it this morning. I am thankful to be with my family enjoying birthday cake, on my daughter's 1 year birthday.

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  2. Happy Birthday Lil! :)

  3. Good for you Jay! Lilly's birthday is only once a year. It's ok to make this type of sacrifices for your kids! remember it only takes 21 days to get into a habbit. you're half way there!!!! Keep up the good job as a dad and healthwise! ;)

  4. Glad Lily had a great birthday! I can't wait to see her in her tutu dress :)

  5. You are doing good I can already see it.! Have some cake your daughter only turns 1 once....

  6. You're a good, kind n caring father n husband Jay. I m glad you 'found' your family because you guys are made for one another. Enjoy each other everyday. Happy birthday Lily bug. Lots of love from Singapore