Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheat Day at Grandma's House(Day 26)

I want to start off today telling you how much my legs hurt. The second day is always more painful. I am so glad today is cheat day. I don't really have much to talk about, but I do have a lot to share. This was a great cheat day! All day I ate, here are a few pictures of what was consumed.

 This is the spread for breakfast!

Here is my plate! Yummy.

A little snack of chips and taco dip!

I can officially say I have eaten every flavor Jelly Belly.

 This is how we finished our day. Reese's Blizzard with an Iron Man 3 movie.

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  1. You've been doing awesome jay! Me and my 2 baby girls (2&4) watch your family vlogs every morning. I sent a pic to sam on twitter not too long ago. You guys are amazing and the most down to earth family I've ever seen on youtube. Congrats on your weight loss!! *HUGS* to baby Lil & Phoenix