Monday, September 30, 2013

Bloated Baby (Day 27)

I start off this day feeling bloated and overweight. I love cheat day, but I hate post cheat day. I spend all day feeling like every bottle of water I drink is retained somewhere in my body. I have little to no salt all week, then on cheat day the foods I choose to eat are likely to be salty. That's fine by me because the risk to benefit ratio is great. Consume salty but yummy foods, sounds good to me. I feel bloated and unhealthy but I don't feel too sore. My legs still have a slight hum to them letting me know I worked them really well but not sore. I will stretch them all day today so I don't have any trouble with my cardio later. I get out of bed, time to eat.

When I get to the kitchen, the only thing that sounds good for meal 1 is oatmeal. I finish eating my meal in what feels like 3 bites then I drink down a full Nalgene bottle.

I am not interested in going to the gym today or being fit for that matter. I feel like all the work has been wasted and I have lost so much ground in one day. These horrible feelings and laziness tell me that I had a successful cheat day! I think the other thing I'm dealing with is the 1 month mopes. The 1 month mark is tuff for me. I call it my ugly duckling stage of weight loss. I have no defined body right now. When I started I was unhappy with my body. Now my goal is to be a lean machine. I am stuck in the middle of that. I am happy with the progress so far but unhappy with the current condition. 

When I change my body, I always have a new goal after I accomplish one. If I don't have a goal at all times, I will get the "good enough" bug. Example, say I want to have a 6 pack. I work really hard, acquire this 6 pack. What now? I don't quit working out, or eating right. I need a new goal to build on the last one. Otherwise I will become complacent and revert to my old ways. This is a lifestyle change, not a temporary change. 

It is finally time to go the gym and I am looking for any excuse not to go. Anything will work. I eat my meal, then head out the door. This is what I chose to do, now I must go. I get to the gym and mosey on in. The pace I am walking at is not urgent. I am hoping to avoid going inside, by walking slower. 

I get inside and head to my corner and start my core exercises. The plank goes great, I have progressed it a little by picking up one foot. This puts a nice strain on the midsection. I repeat this on both legs, then do the exercise 3 times. Next, I spend a little time stretching. I want to do this since last week was my first weight training week and today is my first day back. I finish stretching out then head to the dumbbells. 

Today is shoulders and I plan to make them sore. My first exercise is going to be a single arm, standing, dumbbell shoulder press. I start with my right arm then my left arm. This is one set, I repeat 3 times. Next is single arm, standing, arnies. This is brutal, I think I cry a little bit. The first exercise exhausted my shoulders and triceps, now the arnies are kicking them while they are down. I do 3 sets of this then move to lateral raises. The lateral raises are nice, painful and burn like hell. When I finish 3 sets of this, I do 3 sets of front raises. I think that will do but I want to do a few sets of dumbbell shrugs. I grab a set of dumbbells and do 3 sets of shrugs. Wow, these shrugs are no fun at all. Now that I am finished I head to the treadmill for my 61 minutes of fame.

I decide it is time for a new treadmill, one with a t.v. that has sound. Watching t.v. helps me finish my treadmill session. I get hooked on a show, then my hour and minute go by very quick. I find a new treadmill, hop on, push the quick start button. I think I will watch Top Gear on BBC. It has only been 3 minutes into my session and my legs are starting to hurt. I need to stretch. I pause, stretch then continue. I had to repeat this stretching a few times and the pain eventually goes away. I finish my 61 minutes and can't wait to leave. When I leave, I still feel kinda blah. I think I am just having one of those days. Never mind how I felt today, I still went to the gym and ate my meals. Mission accomplished!

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  1. You're doing great. I think a lot of people give up because they have a bit of a cheat day and feel the same way you do. SO they keep putting it off and then fall back to their old ways, so you just did something that about 50% (or even more) people wont do and that is go back to the gym...So you deserve a BIG pat on the back. YOu did Great and then you'll feel even more AWSOME by the end of the week! I think the worse part of working out is actually walking into the gym! SO KUDOS!!!

  2. That is awsome. I love whatching your guy's vlogs. I just recently have been reading your blogs. You are doing an amazing job.

  3. Don't give up, the first month is the worst but you are brave!

  4. Greetings from Finland! I've being following your family since you were expecting Phoenix. Keep up the good work!