Saturday, September 28, 2013

Anniversary Dinner (Day 24)

Yesterday was my anniversary. Four years ago I married the woman of my dreams. I am truly blessed. To marry my best friend is such an amazing feeling. We tell each other Happy Anniversary before starting our day.

Yesterday I felt pretty good, although my biceps and triceps felt like they had shattered glass crunching around inside them. My back, chest, and shoulders were still sore. Nothing to really note, but I could tell I worked them hard. Yesterday was leg day. Leg day for me is a hate relationship. I hate doing my legs, simple as that. They are big muscle groups that haunt me when I finish. When I finish my chest workout I can avoid bench pressing for a few days. When I finish my arms I avoid curling items for a bit but after I work out my legs, I am forced to use them constantly. Walking, stairs, sitting and other leg type activities. I can forget about other sore muscles but sore legs remind you constantly how much they hurt. I only work my legs 1 day a week, but when I do I kill them.

I finished my first meal and all I could think about was how my legs are on the menu at the gym. I am not at all interested in going. My upper body hurt, I may as well hurt the rest of my body.

When I got to the gym I had to hype myself up a little. Legs require a ton of energy and I didn't have any. I start off with my core exercise. I only did a couple to conserve energy. I did plank 3 times, followed by crunches on a ball holding a 10 pound kettle bell over my head. When I finished doing the core exercises I head over to the squat rack. This is going to suck!

I adjust the rack to a height that I can comfortably pick the bar up. Then I load it up with weights. When I finish that, I put a bench a little bit behind me so I can touch my butt to it. Now, I put the bar on my shoulders, bend my elbows in a clean grip to hold the bar in place. Time to front squat. I squat down, touch my butt to the bench and back up I go. I repeat this 10 times for 4 sets. Wow, my legs are already trashed. Time to put everything away then move on to my next exercise. I did machine exercises after this to prevent back injury. I know my back got tired from the front squats, time to get on some machine exercises. I head over to the 45 degree leg press. I load this up, then press. As soon as I finish the set of leg press. I put my feet at the base of the sled's pad then do calf raises. OUCH! I repeat this 3 times, get up, clean up, then hobble to the next machine. The next machine I go to is a leg extension machine. I set it all up then do 3 sets of extensions. What pain I am in right now. I don't mean call 911 pain, I mean amazing muscle shredding pain. If you love lifting weights this feeling is an addiction, if you hate lifting weights then everything I feel right now is a hellish emergency. When I finish this torture machine, I move to the prone leg curl machine. This is my last workout for the day before cardio. I set it up, curl my legs, feel like vomiting all over the floor, then repeat 2 more times. I have finished lifting weights, my legs are toast. I am walking like I just got hit by a bus holding on to things to keep from falling. I did not injure myself, I pushed my muscles to failure. They do not want to work for me right now. Welcome to my leg day.

The best part about finishing is I don't have to lift anything else with my legs. The worst part is I still have a treadmill waiting for me. I noodle leg my way to the treadmill, check my shoelaces then hit the quick start button. It took me about 10 minutes for my legs to feel somewhat normal. The timer reads 30 minutes and I really just want to go home. I continued watching Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake. This helped me get past the last 31 minutes of my cardio. I don't really remember doing it, but I do remember when I finished. The timer hits 61, and I hit STOP! When I get off the treadmill, my legs go back to having their pity party and I hobble out of the gym.

On my way home I stop at Ulta and pick up a little gift for my wife. We said no presents but I can't resist getting her the Marc Jacobs Honey perfume. This stuff smells amazing and she loves it so much. I have to get it for her. I don't have any wrapping paper in the car, so I stuff it in a sweatshirt. When I get home I tell her my sweatshirt has a stain on it. She can't help herself but look then when she picks it up, out falls the perfume. I wish I could surprise her everyday, she is just the cutest thing in the world.

Last night we had a date night/anniversary night. We went to dinner and I planned to eat a nice meal. Yesterday wasn't my cheat day but it was my anniversary. Some things are more important than eating disciplined. It is possible to stay somewhat on an eating plan while out to dinner. I just have to make the right choices. The place we go to is very nice, I am excited to eat. I ordered the Salmon with rice, salad with ranch and water to drink. This salmon is amazing, the rice is delicious and the asparagus is great. We finished and it is time to get desert. Should I get desert? Of course! It's my anniversary. We ordered the brownie with ice cream. WOW, this is so good. Sometimes even on a disciplined diet you have to make an exception and not feel bad about it. When I am in control of how I eat, I don't feel guilty. Last night I was in control, it was also a special night. I chose to eat what I wanted and loved every minute of it.

 Sam's dinner!
Halibut, Rice, Asparagus.

 My Dinner!
Salmon, Rice, Asparagus.

Our Desert!
Brownie, ice cream, passion.

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  1. You are such a thoughtful husband! You're doing a great job Jay, in the vlogs I can really see how good & confident you look! Keep it up!

  2. Hi Jay! I was reading your other blog post saying you chose not to cool down as it seems pointless; I know exactly how you feel I was the same doing my Dance A-Level but it is important! Cooling down for as little as 5 minutes helps to return the lactic acid back to the liver meaning you dont feel as sore the next morning. It also redistrbutes the blood to your heart. (NERD ATTACK) Give it a try next time you're in the gym! You're doing great :) Charlotte