Monday, May 16, 2011

Lemon and Parsley Recipe

Lemon Parsley Tilapia Dinner
Tilapia Hot Side Salad and Sweet Potato Mashed

En Papillote, cooking fish in parchment or foil

Cook and prep time: 
Approx 45 min.

You will need:
Fresh garlic mince
Olive oil
Fresh mince parsley
Lemon wedges
course sea salt
NOTE: if you don't have fresh materials, use dried garlic, table salt, dried parsley and lemon it will still be yummy.

1. Set oven to 375 degrees F

2. Make a little boat with foil to hold in oil, juices and fish from leaking.

3. Rub fish with salt

4. Lay salted fish in the foil boat

5. Pour oil over them, don't be shy!

6. Put garlic on the top and the underside of  fish

7. Spread parsley over top

8. Squeeze lemon juice from wedges, and then leave the wedges on top.(if you want to add a little zest here that would be good too.)

9. Wrap them up with the foil boat, put in glass casserole dish or on cookie sheet and bake for about 30 min or until flakey fabulousness! 

Hot Side Salad

En a Pan, lol cooking in a pan

Cook and Prep time
Approx:10 min, lettuce 1-2 at end

You will need
Fresh carrots
French green bean
half head of lettuce
olive oil
large pan

Clean your carrots and Julienne them for the looks and quicker cooking. If you want you can just coin them thinly. Clean and cut your asparagus, leave long. Clean and slice your lettuce leaving long thin strips of lettuce.

1. Mince fresh garlic.

2. Add oil to med hot pan.

3. Add garlic, carrots, asparagus, and other veg you may want to add like sweet onion or peppers.

NOTE: Add veggies that take longest to cook first.

4. When you veggies are almost all the way cooked to your liking add the lettuce. 

5. When lettuce is "wilted" splash salt in to taste and bada bing HOT SIDE SALAD

Sweet Potato Mashed

Cook and Prep time
Approx: 15 min

You will need

Sweet potato
Pot of boiling water
potato peeler

1. peel potato

2. cut potato in equal sized chunks

3. boil potato

4. strain the water

5. mash potato

6. season with what you like: salt, butter, pepper, moon rocks? lol

7. enjoy

tell me your thoughts and ideas please


  1. Looks so delish! Does it matter what kind of lettuce you use for the hot salad??

  2. It is preference really and a great way to use up wilting iceberg lettuce that you have laying around. I like the iceberg because it cooks very quickly and tastes very nice.

  3. When boiling my sweet in the world will I know when it's done boiling???? Heeeeelp :)

  4. wheres all your videos are you guys done youtube or did you get hacked!?!?!?! come backkkkkk!!!!!!!

  5. I miss jays cooking channel!!! Come back!! :)