Friday, May 13, 2011

Boring Ol' Pasta!

This can be a vegetarian style dinner or you can add a little chicken. It is a light but olive oil based dish, so you still feel you are getting a full meal :) The veggies make it have a little sweet tone but the dash of salt and the herbs give it a very nice offset so it keeps its pasta feel!

TIME: 20 minutes

Pot to boil noodles
Large Non Stick Pan to cook veggies and chicken in

1 pound of pasta of your choice ( I prefer to use loose pasta like elbows, bows etc so it allows everything to be free when plated)
1 Chicken Breast
2-3 Tomatoes
1/2 Onion
Handful of Asparagus
Garlic (fresh or dried)
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil

Get your pans on the stove warming and get some water boiling for the pasta (add salt and oil) before you begin cutting etc....

1. Cut chicken breast into really small pieces

2. Cut all veggies

3. Once all veggies and chicken is prepped, add pasta to water

NOTE: Now the time begins, you want all your food to finish at the same time and this is your starting point. The pasta in this dish, will take the longest.

4. Put olive oil on the pan and add fresh asparagus with a pinch of salt and a dash of garlic.

NOTE: If you wish to add fresh garlic it should be minced already and added with the asparagus.

5. Cook asparagus for a couple minutes, cover to prevent splatter.

6. Add chopped onions and chicken

7. Splash seasonings to flavor..... You may need to add more oil, try to keep your pan "wet" and add tomatoes.

NOTE: If it smells good, then it probably is good! But remember, you can't unseason a dish!

8. Check pasta for al dente.

9. Strain pasta, add to your pan of asparagus, onion, chicken and tomatoes. Stir together, drizzle oil over if preferred.

For a little something extra you can add pin nuts and feta cheese at the end too :)

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!



  1. Jay i was wondering...
    I know you are an amazing cook and all and i'm sure you have lots of ideas and recipes for us but, at some point do you think maybe you'll take requests? I'm not thinking of anything specific here, but for instance say i have pork chops in the freezer can you do a meal using pork chops or something like that. Obviously it would have to be within reason of what you guys buy yourselves and i would hate for you guys to have to stretch your $$$ on account of us (the viewers). On second thought maybe taking requests might not be a good idea. The more i think about it i feel like it might force you into buying things and spending money you normally wouldn't and i would hate for that to happen. And i do quite appreciate that you do take kind of everyday things that people can afford and things that can last awhile and you get creative with them. Obviously chicken is cheaper than fish or steak and it can become kind of mundane but you can turn it into something super delicious. Well seems this comment/question may have been a total waste of time. haha. I don't know maybe this is something you've already thought about. Anyways, nevermind what i say! HAPPY COOKING!! :)

  2. LOL that was such a great comment. Anyway, I will take requests etc in moderation, or just do like I did with the pasta and show people baseline recipes that they can add and subtract things too. I love your comments and questions so keep them coming and thank you for watching and reading!

  3. Another great thing about this recipe is that if I use whole wheat pasta it's totally legal on my low GI diet! Thanks Jay for another great easy dinner idea!

  4. Hi Jay! I know you guys are super busy but do you think you might be able to put up the recipes for the chicken (chicken/salsa and chicken/bbq) that you made in the videos before you had the cooking channel. It would be so convenient to have them here rather than having to find the videos they are in. Pretty please, if you get a few minutes! Have a great day!

  5. I love your Mr.P are so cutee and I love yur blogs at the new house.

  6. I know this is an old post, but, I just wanted to add that you tube chef guru Laura Vitale claims that if you add olive oil to boiling pasta water, the oil coats the pasta and keeps it from absorbing the sauce. Doesn't apply to this recipe but I thought it was interesting. Jay now that ur home now can you post more recipes ? I just found y'all thru itsjudyslife. I'm really enjoying ur family. Thank you.